Accountant - Do I need one? Do I have to change my current accountant? Can my accountant do this?

Pekuna is not a tax advisor/accountant firm; therefore, we strongly recommend working with one. Especially for reporting complicated matters, it is advisable to engage the services of an accounting professional.
We are happy to assist with finding an accountant. If you've already engaged one the process won't be complicated. Our reports are designed to be easily understandable and workable by any tax consultant or accountant.

Can you handle any blockchain issues?

Most likely, yes. Thanks to our large pool of experience, we have already dealt with almost every blockchain, ecosystem, and platform. If we encounter something new, we familiarize ourselves with the topic as needed. This is the same with any new technologies and protocols we come across in the crypto space, as these are constantly evolving.
We have a long track record with common platforms like Uniswap, LP Pools, Maker, and other lending spaces. When we find a new one, we always take the time to familiarize ourselves with them.
Our goal is to understand the issue from the vantage of crypto correctly and then create the appropriate tax evaluation.

How long does it take to prepare a tax report? 

Our workload depends on the season. In general, however, we recommend contacting us as early as possible. We usually have a three to six months waiting time (after initial assessment) until we're ready to start on your case. The estimated time required for the task will be discussed in the initial analysis. Once your case is started, it can take between four weeks to six months to complete.

How careful are you regarding data security?

Data security is extremely important to us, and we use several methods to protect our client's data. All data stored by Pekuna is on a self-hosted and encrypted Nextcloud server. In addition, each client will receive a password in advance, so they can access their data and share their information with us through our encrypted platform.

Do I need to submit all data from previous years and the current tax year's data or only the current tax year?

We require all data since your first trade (up to this current year). This is important to identify initial acquisition costs and calculate FIFO chains.

How much does an assessment by Pekuna cost?

The costs of individual crypto tax assessments can differ greatly. The price is subject to several variables that change depending on the particular case. The number of transactions, exchanges, portfolio value, and blockchain trading play a role in calculating the price. For example, staking and margin trading is quite time-intensive - even with smaller investments.

Each price is calculated individually and explained in detail in an interactive Zoom call. Any additional questions will also be addressed at this time.

My case is very complicated - are you able to help?

Our customers include many blockchain developers, early adopters, and curious people who have tried a bit of everything. So it is typical that many of the cases we handle are complex. We've seen everything from Defi transactions to L2 bridges, cross chain transactions, NFTs, and collective transactions.

Is it possible to team up with other crypto investors and hire you as a group?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We always create tax reports for individuals. The only exceptions are portfolios traded collectively and divided into a percentage ratio or for a married couple already filing their taxes together. In any other situation, each individual must be assessed separately.

Can you support me if I have crypto in my business assets?

At this time, we only work for private individuals. We cannot offer services to anyone with business assets in crypto - i.e., within a company or as a commercial activity.

Can I work with you in English?

Yes! All the staff at Pekuna can speak and write in English (and German) fluently - all projects can be handled in either language. The final tax report will be written in German; however, all communication between us while we process your case can be conducted in English.

Do you have availability right now? How soon can you start on my case?

Demand for our services is often high, so we recommend that you contact us in advance, rather than waiting until you receive a letter from the tax office. In particular circumstances, like an active tax fraud investigation or self-declaration to authorities, we can fast-track your case for an additional charge.

Are you still unsure? Schedule a complimentary consultation today and speak to us in person.

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