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As Experts in cryptocurrency taxation, we offer our customers various services.

Initial Assessment

In this examination, we will provide a detailed overview of all trades and the relevant situation. To this end, you will receive a questionnaire and instructions from us on which data you may provide to us.

The goal is to give you an initial assessment of the tax issues in your case. To ensure planning security for both you and us, we will give you a concrete insight into our workflow. This way, you will gain insights into every step of the processing and a detailed presentation of the total costs per calendar year for the crypto tax report.

As part of the discussion of the entry examination, we will present you with an offer (fixed price) and a rough estimate of the delivery date for the entire tax report during an interactive video call with one of our tax experts.

After completing the entry examination, you will have the opportunity to commission us for the report.

Price: 1900,- EUR (incl. VAT)

Tax assessment

Following the entry examination, we proceed with our crypto tax report. This tax report is the core service at Pekuna. It involves collecting all transactions, evaluating them for tax purposes, and processing them. This service combines the complete expertise of Pekuna. Each case is accompanied and reviewed by a tax and crypto expert. The final report is the perfect document for submission to the tax office, as an attachment to the tax return. It can also be used as proof of origin at banks or as proof of assets for other authorities. The tax report addresses the current legal situation and provides a detailed explanation of the tax treatment of your crypto transactions, based on all laws and judgments. You, your tax firm, and the tax office will thus be fully informed about the topic and our assessment.

Whether you prepare the tax return yourself or have it prepared by a tax consultant, our report enables you to incorporate the determined results into your tax return. Each of our tax reports includes a final call, where we discuss the report with you, clarify any outstanding questions, and conduct the final handover. To give you a concrete insight into the work involved and to ensure planning security for both you and us, the tax report is only bookable after completing an entry examination. However, the entry examination can also be booked separately.

Price: Fixed offer after initial examination

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Waiver of Liability:

Pekuna is not offering legal, tax, or financial counsel. Pekuna’s offer is the processing of transaction data related to cryptocurrencies. This information can be used to verify earnings and losses to the tax authority or other authorities. Reports by Pekuna do not offer any guarantees to tax authorities. Pekuna will never confront tax authorities on behalf of others, keep official contact with tax authorities, represent its customers towards tax authorities, or hand over information to tax authorities (unless we are legally required to do so).

Considering the complex nature of crypto tax assessment, consulting a law firm or tax advisor specializing in cryptocurrency taxation is strongly recommended. The information offered on this website serves general informational purposes. As such, the information provided here does not relate to the specific situation of any individual or legal entity. The information here or given by Pekuna does not constitute business, legal, or tax advice.

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