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As Experts in cryptocurrency taxation, we offer our customers various services.

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is an evaluation of the portfolio and transactions. Here we get a detailed overview of all trades and their categorization.

Tax assessment

In the tax assessment, we review the current legal situation. We consider all relevant laws and precedents to provide a comprehensive explanation for the tax handling of cryptocurrencies.

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Waiver of Liability:

Pekuna is not offering legal, tax, or financial counsel. Pekuna’s offer is the processing of transaction data related to cryptocurrencies. This information can be used to verify earnings and losses to the tax authority or other authorities. Reports by Pekuna do not offer any guarantees to tax authorities. Pekuna will never confront tax authorities on behalf of others, keep official contact with tax authorities, represent its customers towards tax authorities, or hand over information to tax authorities (unless we are legally required to do so).

Considering the complex nature of crypto tax assessment, consulting a law firm or tax advisor specializing in cryptocurrency taxation is strongly recommended. The information offered on this website serves general informational purposes. As such, the information provided here does not relate to the specific situation of any individual or legal entity. The information here or given by Pekuna does not constitute business, legal, or tax advice.

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