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With our comprehensive assessment service, we take on the complex preparation and presentation of all your crypto transactions - transparent, individual and comprehensible, even for the tax office.

Explained in three simple steps:

Initial Examination: The entry examination serves as an initial analysis and feasibility study. Here, we gain a detailed overview of all trades and the relevant circumstances.

Profit Determination: We collect and analyze all your on-chain and off-chain transactions. Each of your transactions is precisely recorded and evaluated for its tax relevance.

Tax Report: Based on our profit determination, we create a high-quality tax report that presents all the facts for the tax office in a comprehensible way, enabling you to fulfill your cooperation obligations. This report not only provides a precise representation of your tax situation but also expert explanations for each crypto-related matter. To ensure no questions remain unanswered and you can understand our work, our reports are always created in close consultation with you.

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Our assessment service: 

Collect and evaluate all transaction data (onchain and offchain)
Presentation of the tax relevance and technical explanations
High-quality written tax report
Customer Service - Each report is prepared in close consultation


What Pekuna Has to offer!

*Here we will show you various examples of what we offer our customers.


Has tried his luck with cryptocurrencies.

Lukas is the CEO of a reputable IT company in Bavaria. He learned about Bitcoin through an article he read in 2017. Interested in the topic, he invested a small amount and was fortunate to collect high profits. He does not think any further about this revenue at the time. Later, he learns that he should report his income and earnings from crypto to the tax authorities and realizes he must learn how to present this in his taxes. After some research, he quickly realizes that the topic is more complex than he anticipated and will take many hours to figure it out.


We help you with your crypto taxes!

Receive clarity for your crypto trading.

Initial Assessment 

The initial assessment is an evaluation of the portfolio and transactions. Here we get a detailed overview of all trades and their categorization.

Tax Assessment

In the tax assessment, we review the current legal situation. We consider all relevant laws and precedents to provide a comprehensive explanation for the tax handling of cryptocurrencies.

Tax reporting for crypto is a Mess


The calculation of profits and losses is a complex and time-consuming challenge. A wide variety of rules must be observed, such as first-in, first-out (FIFO) when calculating acquisition costs or the tax relevance when exchanging between cryptocurrencies.

Technical Terminology

When it comes to Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, there are many different and specific terms. Depending on how they are used, these can often have the same or very different meanings. Understanding and recognizing these are important to assess all transactions correctly for tax purposes.

Legal Assessment/Evaluation

There is no "central office" and only a few specialized tax consultants who can prepare the relevant evaluations and certificates regarding crypto. As such, staying up-to-date with the latest legal changes and how they need to be applied in crypto tax assessments is essential. 

Technical Knowledge

Blockchain technology requires a comprehensive and relevant knowledge of the subject. Because of crypto's innovative nature, keeping up to date on new specialized knowledge is constantly needed. It is, therefore, essential to always keep an eye open for any new developments and trends on a theoretical and practical level. This is an established standard at Pekuna.

Data Collection

Whether trading on decentralized exchanges (DEX), centralized exchanges (CEX), NFT purchases, staking, lending, yield farming, airdrops, participation in ICOs, or total losses due to the loss of private keys - Pekuna's service specializes and focuses on merging these different data sources. We offer solutions for your data's comprehensive, applicable presentation - and can handle all topics.

Personal Responsibility

Unlike centralized investments through banks and investment institutions, which have to prepare tax information and even report directly to the tax office, with crypto, you are on your own. This means a lot of work on your own, uncertainty in choosing tools, and most importantly, no direct contact for assistance. With personal responsibility and major consequences, this can be a heavy burden on many levels. 

Why customers choose pekuna

"As it is a complex topic, the preparation of the report was very time-consuming in previous years. I am pleased to make use of Pekuna's expertise for this reason. Here, price and service match - an excellent deal!"

Michael Bandl

StB  (Certified tax accountant) at PBL Bandl and Partner mbB Attorneys at Law


"The taxation of the new asset class crypto tokens raises various questions for tax practitioners, investors, and innovative FinTechs. In order to be able to recognize impending pitfalls in good time, fundamental knowledge in this area is almost indispensable, as is the support of a partner with practical experience in data preparation."

Dr. David Hötzel

Author of “Virtual Currencies in German Tax Law”/”Virtuelle Währungen im System des deutschen SteuerrechtsRechtsanwalt"

Attorney at Law, Counsel at POELLATH


"I see that cryptocurrencies have a bright future ahead of them. As tax advisors, we need to build up expertise in this topic. For this reason, I regularly collaborate with Pekuna."

Peter Kessler

StB (Certified tax accountant) Peter Kessler


experts in Their Field

Werner Hoffmann and Constantin Steininger, two experts in the field of cryptocurrency taxation, have joined forces to deliver the best possible outcome for their clients. They both share an enthusiasm for IT, blockchain, and entrepreneurship. Through Pekuna, they have identified the need for a crypto taxation solution and implemented it!

Along with their team, they provide expert opinions for some of Germany's largest and most complex crypto portfolios.

Constantin Steininger

COO & Co-Founder

Constantin has been fascinated by blockchain and cryptocurrencies for many years. Ever since his first contact with this topic, he has been involved with the exciting area of accurate taxation. To continually expand his knowledge on the subject, he regularly participates in further training and relevant events, which is where he met his co-founder Werner Hoffmann.

Werner Hoffmann

CEO & Co-Founder

Werner is an expert on crypto taxes and has worked in this field for many years. His expertise was gained through firsthand experience working with tax IT systems as a civil servant. He is also a recognized lecturer and has trained more than 500 tax advisors on the taxation of cryptocurrencies. His expertise in cryptocurrency taxation stems from a combination of his degree in tax law and computer science, as well as his practical and professional experience gained through personal investments in the crypto market.

Özgür Tastekin

Blockchain & Krypto Analyst

Jonas Becker

Blockchain & Krypto Analyst

Kevin Wischmann

Blockchain & Krypto Analyst

Diana Martens

Blockchain & Krypto Analystin

Felix Barkowski

Blockchain & Krypto Analyst

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Frequently asked Questions

Accountant - Do I need one? Do I have to change my current accountant? Can my accountant do this?

Pekuna is not a tax advisor/accountant firm; therefore, we strongly recommend working with one. Especially for reporting complicated matters, it is advisable to engage the services of an accounting professional.
We are happy to assist with finding an accountant. If you've already engaged one the process won't be complicated. Our reports are designed to be easily understandable and workable by any tax consultant or accountant.

Can you handle any blockchain issues?

Most likely, yes. Thanks to our large pool of experience, we have already dealt with almost every blockchain, ecosystem, and platform. If we encounter something new, we familiarize ourselves with the topic as needed. This is the same with any new technologies and protocols we come across in the crypto space, as these are constantly evolving.
We have a long track record with common platforms like Uniswap, LP Pools, Maker, and other lending spaces. When we find a new one, we always take the time to familiarize ourselves with them.
Our goal is to understand the issue from the vantage of crypto correctly and then create the appropriate tax evaluation.

How long does it take to prepare a tax report? 

Our workload depends on the season. In general, however, we recommend contacting us as early as possible. We usually have a three to six months waiting time (after initial assessment) until we're ready to start on your case. The estimated time required for the task will be discussed in the initial analysis. Once your case is started, it can take between four weeks to six months to complete.

How careful are you regarding data security?

Data security is extremely important to us, and we use several methods to protect our client's data. All data stored by Pekuna is on a self-hosted and encrypted Nextcloud server. In addition, each client will receive a password in advance, so they can access their data and share their information with us through our encrypted platform.

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